InitializeInstructionAccounts: {
    authority?: Signer;
    inscriptionAccount: Signer;
    inscriptionMetadataAccount?: PublicKey | Pda;
    inscriptionShardAccount?: PublicKey | Pda;
    payer?: Signer;
    systemProgram?: PublicKey | Pda;

Type declaration

  • Optional authority?: Signer

    The authority of the inscription account.

  • inscriptionAccount: Signer

    The account to store the metadata in.

  • Optional inscriptionMetadataAccount?: PublicKey | Pda

    The account to store the inscription account's metadata in.

  • Optional inscriptionShardAccount?: PublicKey | Pda

    The shard account for the inscription counter.

  • Optional payer?: Signer

    The account that will pay for the transaction and rent.

  • Optional systemProgram?: PublicKey | Pda

    System program

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